Hi there, 👋

My name is Frederik Holm Strøm, and I'm currently studying Software Engineering at The University of Southern Denmark. I'm also working at B&R Industrial Automation GmbH (business unit of the ABB Group) as a Student Programmer.

I find joy in participating in the expansion of global collective intelligence. Or said in other words, I enjoy to keep learning and building new cool stuff everyday, and I want to share this with my fellow humans! I believe we have to be nice to each other as well as the animals roaming beside us, taking care of this planet whilst doing so.
I'm therefore also very passionate about protecting individual freedoms and the basic rights of all human beings, as well as preserving the wonderful nature of the world we live in.

I'm a Linux user, and I enjoy being in control of my data. I therefore use a lot of open-source software and do some self-hosting when it makes sense. This "control your data" mindset has also manifested itself in my interest for cryptography as well as cryptocurrencies.

I'm generally interested in tech and science, but my main focus are in software development. I also have a strong interest in high quality products and doing things right.

Frederik Holm Strøm