My primary fields of interest are in Rust, machine learning, Linux, system administration, cryptography, cryptocurrencies & green technology.

I've had multiple jobs throughout my teen years, however nothing really noteworthy for my tech career, not that I haven't been interested in tech before that though. I've had, and still have multiple different interests, but nothing have stayed with me like my passion for all things tech.

My career in tech probably really kickstarted just before graduating technical gymnasium (somewhat equivalent to a US High School). At the third and last year of gymnasium I was hired as a Student Programmer at the Austrian firm B&R Industrial Automation, a company now acquired as a business unit of the Swiss firm ABB Group. I began working at B&R in November 2018 and are still an employee as of this day.

After graduating gymnasium in 2019 I began my bachelors degree in Software Engineering, at The University of Southern Denmark (SDU). I am currently still enrolled in this study and are planning to take a masters degree in Software Engineering at SDU afterwards.